December 11, 2023

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Greece: platform for enrolling children for vaccinations closed

The vaccination activity of parents and children came as a surprise. The first vaccines have already been introduced, the batch of the next will arrive on January 3, so the recording platform is temporarily closed.

Pediatrician Spyros Mazanis is pleased with the responsibility of the parents and the desire of the children themselves to get vaccinated as soon as possible and find freedom. He says:

What we are seeing is unprecedented. For the first time, we see children leaving clinics excitedly vaccinated. Children want to get rid of tests because they do a lot of tests. Children have reached the age to be vaccinated and they know the need and benefits of vaccines.

The pediatrician spoke about the first data on side effects. They are encouraging. Spyros Mazanis said that these days the CDC officially announced the results of side effects in children – their number is 20 times less than in older age groups – in children 12+ and adults. He noted that parental concerns are focused on myocarditis, but the data show that in children aged 5 to 12, this is one case in a million. Mr. Mazanis said that children acquire antibodies 15 days after the dose of the vaccine:

“At the first vaccination, the first certificate is issued, at the second, an official certificate, and after 14 days they will be able to freely visit all public places.”

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