April 16, 2024

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Thessaloniki: arrest for tobacco smuggling

According to law enforcement agencies, the 53-year-old foreigner was arrested on December 19 in Thessaloniki for smuggling tobacco products. More than 1.4 million smuggled cigarettes were seized.

After coordinated operational actions and the discovery of the alleged perpetrator, the police raided a warehouse located in Efkarpia.

Found and seized: 71 360 packs of cigarettes (1 427 200 pieces) and 2240 packs of tobacco, 50 grams each, with a total weight of 112 kg. There were no excise stickers on the products. And also, as it turned out, legal taxes and fees were not paid.

In addition, two cars were confiscated, which the 53-year-old man used for his illegal activities, one of which clearly had fake license plates.

The smuggled tobacco products have been sent to the competent customs authorities for an assessment (taxes and fines that the accused will have to pay). According to preliminary data, the amount exceeds 150,000 euros.

The detainee, against whom a criminal case has been initiated, was brought before the prosecutor of the first instance court of Thessaloniki. An investigation of the involvement of other persons in the crime is currently underway.

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