ICU Examination by Tsiodras and Litras: Under the Microscope of Justice

“Under the microscope” of the judicial authorities it turned out study Professors Tsiodras and Litras on the situation in intensive care units (ICU) in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and on the increased mortality of patients housed outside the ICU.

The study, which has sparked fierce political controversy, is part of a broader preliminary investigation by the prosecutor into intensive care units.

According to research the mortality rate of patients outside the ICU grows at least 2 times, and the NHS is unable to serve more than 400 patients in intensive care units.

The task of the competent prosecutor is to investigate all complaints about the conditions prevailing in intensive care units, which have been reported from time to time either through the press or through a specific report, as recently happened with POEDIN President Michalis Yiannakos.

It is noted that the intervention of the prosecutor took place immediately after the appeal of the President of POEDIN Michalis Yannaks. As we reported previouslyOn Wednesday, POEDIN filed an indictment against the ICU situation with the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office. In it, he detailed the data on intubated and available beds.

Litras’ response to criticism

The study in question has become a major issue of political controversy with Professor Apostolos Litras, who earlier Friday responded to criticism of “research gaps and weaknesses” he received from Majorchini and Gaga, stressing that “what I said the day before yesterday is not refuted. Having specified that he is not going to get carried away with “word games” “.

“The analysis we did (and what others should have done first …) showed important public health results, most notably the low resilience of the national health system (NHS) and health inequities in the Athens region. “These results clearly demonstrate the need to strengthen the NHS in any way appropriate to save lives,” the professor said.

Επειδή η προσωπική και επιστημονική μου αξιοπιστία δε μπορεί να γίνεται αντικείμενο κομματικής αντιπαράθεθενική

ΕΠΑΝΑΛΑΜΒΑΝΩ αυτό που είπα προχθές κ δεν είναι διαψεύσιμο, ξεκαθαρίζοντας οτι δε πρόκειται να ειπλακώ σε ** παιχνατειαενεκε

– Theodore Lytras (@TheodoreLytras) December 17, 2021

Skertsos: The government was indifferent to the research

Minister of State Akis Skertsos also tried downplay the importance of the Tsiodra-Litra research, speaking in parliament. In fact, he described the resulting scandal as a minor issue and at the same time said that the study did not bring anything new. He also noted, among other things, that it “didn’t matter” whether the government was aware of the study.

Government spokesman Yannis Ikonomou stated Thursday afternoon that the prime minister was unaware of the study, as were none of his close associates, although co-investigator Theodore Litras saidthat they informed the political leadership in May.

From the residence of the prime minister expressed dissatisfaction with Tsiodras

Senior sources report that strong discontent with Sotiris Tsiodras still exists in Megaro Maximu (the prime minister’s residence), although he tried to justify himself by sending a written statement in which stated “that he is saddened by the fact that scientific analysis has become the subject of political controversy.

Nonetheless, reliable sources say that Professor Tsiodras was forced to downgrade the results of the study, while noting that in order to publish it, he went through a long process of monitoring the results.

Authoritative sources of the publication state that even the government does not know whether the study was sent to the prime minister’s residence or even a summary of it, since usually scientific studies (especially on behalf of leading government experts) are not published before they are officially published in scientific journals due to fears of leaks … This requires months of testing and cross-validation before these publications are approved by a competent scientific committee.

Deputy Kurublis removed from faction

Political controversy over the study came to a head on Thursday afternoon in parliament, when former SYRIZA MP Panayiotis Kurumblis announced the killing of thousands of people by the government and New Democracy MPs.

His statement caused a sharp reaction from the deputies of the “blue faction”, and eventually led to the fact that the former parliamentarian was removed from the parliamentary group SYRIZA with a letter from Alexis Tsipras to Kostas Tasulas.

Leader of the main opposition Greek party SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras called on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will either apologize or step down.

“In any other country in the European Union, if the prime minister was caught lying in parliament on such an important issue that concerns the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of people, I would say that he would either publicly apologize or resign.”

PS I will not be surprised if, following the investigation, Tsiodras and Litras are appointed guilty. For this is democracy, in the version of the “New Democracy”.

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