The Assange Case: How Democracy Is Abolished

The policy of abolishing democracy is now being carried out all over the world, under the pretext of opposing authoritarian regimes and fighting coronaviruses.

US President Biden hosted the Global Summit for Democracy, which took place online. This event was announced back in the summer, and from the very beginning it was the target of ironic comments. Because the formal agenda of the network conference too clearly did not correspond to its real content.

The organizers positioned this meeting as a global review of democratic forces, urging them to rally in the face of the threat from authoritarian regimes that “stretch their hands beyond their borders.”

“Democracy and human rights are under threat all over the world. Democracies – emerging or established over decades – face serious challenges within and beyond their borders, ”the US State Department said ahead of the conference.

Indeed, most countries in the world are experiencing the pressure of the economic and social crisis, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic – and even the rich states of the First World are now experiencing quite serious shocks.

The gap between the commoners and the elite is growing, the voters alienated from the state administration trust the authorities less and less, because successive politicians ensure the continuation of the previous, obviously dead-end course. And this despair erupts in spontaneous riots like rebellion Yellow vests or American protests against police brutality and racism.

However, the videoconference was not intended to assert solidarity and was not an attempt to comprehend the reasons for the degradation of democratic institutions. The objectives of the summit were completely different. The composition of its participants clearly indicated that this was a roll call of allies and satellites of the United States, a general review of forces and mobilization before the battle for resources and markets. Because the leaders of the free world intend to fight to maintain their hegemony, and divide the world into two opposing camps – drawing a line between their own and outsiders.

Loyalty to the White House was a necessary and sufficient criterion to guarantee oneself participation in the summit. Thanks to this approach, very specific “defenders of democracy” were invited to it. Suffice it to say that Colombia was among them – a country where quite recently peaceful demonstrations were shot, held under social slogans, when the people rebelled against yet another extortion and political terror.

Corrupt Colombian regime staged a massacre, as a result of which more than eighty people died, and none of the officials suffered real punishment for this. Frankly, this was not surprising: high-ranking landowners and drug traffickers systematically crack down on dissidents with the help of ultra-right paramilitary fighters, and this brutal war has been going on in Colombia for more than half a century. But Washington has always turned a blind eye to this, because the United States completely controls the local political elites, who will always be considered solid Democrats – as long as they do not object to the deployment of American military bases.

The same goes for Chile. The right-wing Chilean government shot performances by student youth and Mapuche Indians, and President Piñera appeared in a high-profile corruption scandal… However, the United States still ranks this state among the exemplary world democracies, which is also not new. After all, the Americans once supported the “democratic” regime of the dictator Pinochet. But neighboring Bolivia was not invited to the virtual summit – because this country is led by socialists who returned after the coup, which was actively greeted by the White House.

Among the participants in the Summit for Democracy were representatives of Brazil, where the odious anti-vaccine president Jair Bolsonaro rules, and his main political opponents were imprisoned in trumped-up cases. Israel was invited to the videoconference despite systemic discrimination against the Palestinians. Even Pakistan has turned out to be a democracy – although the State Department accused Islamabad of supporting Islamist militants. And the members of the fem movement protested against the participation of Poland, which passed a law on the de facto ban on abortion.

Of course, all this in principle devalues ​​the concept of democracy, which equates to loyalty to the United States of America. Meanwhile, the American government is systematically violating basic human rights. This is indicated by the plight of the poor, who are deprived of adequate medical care and housing and are exposed to tough exploitation from the side of big business. But the anti-democratic course of the United States is most clearly manifested in the field of foreign policy. After all, Washington ensures the existence of the most reactionary regimes of our time – from the nationalist government of Ukraine to the semi-feudal monarchies in the Middle East.

First of all, this concerns the Saudis, who are “pulling their hands beyond their borders,” staging an aggression against Yemen. But this does not raise objections from the United States – since the American bipartisan elites have long been tied to the Saudi royal family, as Hunter Thompson and Michael Moore talked about. And the Yemeni war brings huge and stable profits to corporations.

“The US Senate has supported Biden and his $ 650 million arms deal to Saudi Arabia. With his help, the coalition of murderers will continue to trample Yemen.

Every nine minutes a child dies in Yemen. 80% of the inhabitants of this country live below the poverty line. Sixteen million people are malnourished. Five million are on the verge of starvation. Fifteen million lack sustainable access to water and basic needs. About 380 thousand were killed as a result of seven years of war.

This is the largest humanitarian crisis of our time. 79% of Saudi Arabia’s arms imports come from the United States. 9.3% are from Britain. 4% are from France. Remember this when all this enterprising bastard talks about human rights, ”writes the Ukrainian political refugee Anatoly Ulyanov, who lives in Los Angeles today.

The latest developments in drama became a real litmus test for the American summit Julian Assange… On December 10, just during the final meeting of the videoconference, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales allowed the extradition of the founder of WikiLeaks to the United States, where he faces a life sentence. Although this man only told the truth about the Pentagon’s war crimes, revealing dirty little secrets – including the killing of Iraqi civilians and torture in secret prisons.

Against this background, Biden’s call to fight for human rights now sounds like a cynical farce. Because these words cover up the struggle for the economic and political interests of imperialism, which stretches its hands everywhere. And for his critics there are no rights or freedoms.

The policy of abolishing democracy is now being carried out all over the world, under the pretext of opposing authoritarian regimes. And we can see this literally everywhere – on the example of ideological censorship. on facebook, or in the situation with Ukraine, where American vassals abolished democratic rights for all dissent.

Want to talk about American democracy? Talk about her with her victims – starting with political prisoner Assange.

about the author

Andriy Manchuk is a Ukrainian journalist, sociologist, and human rights activist. He worked in leading print media in Ukraine, wrote reports from Chechnya, Iraq, Turkish Kurdistan, South Ossetia, Kosovo, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea and other countries. Explores the Ukrainian poetry of the era of the “Executed Renaissance” 1920-1930, writes on topics of social issues, ecology, history and culture.

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