Sotiris Tsiodras: commentary on the research that caused the excitement

Professor Sotiris Tsiodras called for a spirit of unity and solidarity, the cohesion of citizens in the face of the pandemic.

Main epidemiologist of the country during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, who broadcast from TV screens about the progress of the fight against the virus, broke his silence for the first time since the scientific study he published, which became the subject of political controversy.

The professor said he was saddened by the fact that scientific analysis has become the subject of political controversy.

“This publication confirms similar observations of the course of previous epidemics, but also during the current pandemicthat swept the whole world. It focuses on the burden on beds in intensive care units and the associated increased mortality, which is influenced by numerous risk factors (for example, old age, major illnesses, the severity of the disease), which continues today and affects most of our unvaccinated fellow citizens. ” says Mr. Tsiodras.

Among other things, the professor emphasizes the need for vaccination.

“Recent studies by the EODY Scientific Group have highlighted another benefit of vaccination against coronavirus. As of early December, she has saved over 15,000 lives. For this reason, I would like to once again emphasize its importance in combating the pandemic and, as a result, reducing pressure on the health care system, ”the expert notes.

Of particular importance at this stage is the third vaccine dose– says the professor – as well as compliance with other personal protective measures in connection with the emergence of a variant of the Omicron virus.

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