Did you know? Interesting facts about the spine

The spine is an absolutely amazing element of the human body. Interesting facts testify to the uniqueness of its structure and functionality, some of which are not known to everyone.

The vertebrae are the first bones that begin to grow in an infant in the womb.

More than 120 muscles provide the functionality and flexibility of the spine.

Human and giraffe have the same number of cervical vertebrae that provide flexibility.

The vertebrae are very strong. The body of the lumbar vertebra is able to withstand a maximum weight of 1300 kg of axial load, the intervertebral disc – 450 kg.

Four bends of the spine provide a person with upright posture and elasticity of the spinal column, which can be compared with an automobile spring. The spine is an original structure that supports the skeleton. If it consisted of a solid bone rod, then the movements would be constrained and devoid of flexibility. They would deliver the same sensations as driving a cart on a cobblestone pavement without springs.

The spine remembers information for a long time, which plays an important role in the formation of posture. The receptors located in muscles and joints send it to the brain, and it remains in the memory. Associated with this is the difficulty of getting rid of incorrect posture. To update the information, it is necessary to change the position of the spine and muscles, for a certain time, remembering to maintain it. Once the brain receives the information and remembers it, correct posture becomes a habit.

Back pain, spine or muscle pain affects 80% of the world’s population at some point in their lives – this is the main reason for the inhabitants of developed countries, for which they lose working days due to disability.

The force application lever has an important influence on the load on the spine. For example: while holding a 10 kg load on outstretched arms, the pressure in the lumbar spine increases to 206 kg. And when leaning forward with a load of 50 kg, the load is up to 480 kg! Is it any wonder that lower back pain is a common reason for going to the doctor.

The spine is able to withstand quite heavy loads, but it is important to monitor its condition. An active lifestyle, a well-thought-out organization of the workplace, and proper nutrition are of great importance. If you have back pain, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor – timely diagnosis of any problem and adequate treatment will preserve his health and endurance for a long time.

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