Greek Ombudsman investigates deportation of translator Frontex

The Greek Ombudsman announced Wednesday that it is starting an investigation into a complaint about the illegal deportation of a Frontex translator from Greece to Turkey.

The spokesman for the independent constitutional body added that he had received a formal complaint from the EU border agency. A Frontex employee said that the Greek authorities beat him, took his personal belongings and sent him to Turkey along with a hundred other migrants.

Article published in New York Times, echoes complaints from human rights groups that the Greek authorities, often indiscriminately, expel asylum seekers.

The Greek government has consistently denied such claims. But in this case, a European Union translator says that in September Greek border guards mistook him for an asylum seeker, attacked him and forced him to cross the Turkish border along with dozens of migrants.

According to the applicant, he was taken with a group of refugees to a remote warehouse where at least 100 refugees, including women and children, were held together. They severely beat them, forced them to undress and took their mobile phones, money and documents.

His claim is particularly problematic for Greek officials as the applicant is a legal resident of the European Union working for the EU border agency Frontex, notes

The man has presented evidence to the agency to support his allegations of ill-treatment, according to European officials handling his case.

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