Migration policy in the EU has failed, says Peter Siyarto

Peter Siyarto, head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made a statement about the failure of the EU migration policy for the successful integration of refugees into European society:

“We see parallel societies. We see that the newcomers have absolutely no respect for those who live in these countries. Now the European Union is exposed to huge cultural and civilizational challenges and risks ”.

According to the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, the time has come to transfer control over migration processes to the governments of the EU member states, to decentralize it:

“In my opinion, the European Union would then become much stronger, because states would control their borders much more effectively.”

It is known that earlier the European Commission imposed a ban on asylum applications by migrants in countries that do not border on Belarus. That is, they can only count on their acceptance by Lithuania, Poland or Latvia. Ilva Johansson, Vice-President of the EC, explained that, without a legal basis to stay in the European Union, migrants cannot choose a country of their own free will.

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