Weather: hello winter-winter

At the end of November-December, the weather in Greece is like winter. The lowest air temperatures were recorded in the country this morning, December 1.

The last day of November was “distinguished” by snowfall and heavy wind, and already on December 1 on the street one could see the picture of “frost and sun”.

According to the EMY meteorological station in Thessaloniki, the wind reached 7-8 points on the Beaufort scale. The fire brigade removes trees broken by wind and snow from early morning (in ten cases). On six other occasions, when residents approached firefighters, they were encouraged to remove various bulky items that had been blown away by gusts of wind and moved to inappropriate locations.

The lowest temperatures recorded by meteorologists in the early morning hours of December 1: -8 ° C in Florin, -2 ° C in Serres, -1 ° C in Kozani and Thessaloniki, 0 ° C in Kavala, + 1 ° C in Alexandroupoli and + 2 ° C in Kastoria.

According to meteorologists, the impressive difference between the temperatures of Kastoria and Florina is probably due to the passage of a warmer weather front.

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