Credit Suisse: “Beautiful Far Away”

When you eat fried chicken leg, pork chop or fatty steak for dinner today, be glad that you are not yet in a bright future. Because it won’t be so tasty there. Anyway, it won’t be enough fun.

At least this is what the Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse is warning about, whose experts and analysts have compiled the study “When emissions become personal.” Well, that is, when each person on this planet will be given a certain number of points or points to, roughly speaking, spoil the air, in terms of the notorious “carbon footprint”, of course. And the future that wise experts and analysts have outlined is very reminiscent of a not-so-good dystopia that came out from the pen of some graphomaniac.

The fight against climate change is turning into a real religion, and a totalitarian one at that. And also – with sacrifices. Moreover, these sacrifices will not be symbolic at all, every person on the planet in the future will feel them very well on himself. So how will the life of an ordinary person change?

Let’s start with personal hygiene. You can take a shower twice a week and no longer than four minutes. That is, literally in an emergency mode – I wet the body, lather and wash it off. Perhaps the shower cabins will be equipped with some kind of timers. And who did not have time – he was late. Flush the toilet bowl twice a day. Nothing is said about the amount of water, but woe to you if you ate something stale.

True, it will be easier with this, since a huge amount of food that you could poison yourself will simply be deprived of you. Forget about beef. Cows are pure evil, as they are a source of greenhouse gases, simply due to the biological processes that occur in their bodies. Cows fart, in a simple way. And by this they contribute to climate change. So in the future you will most likely be able to see the cow only in the zoo. But you will completely forget the taste of steamed veal. But, nevertheless, you will not be left without meat. From the lordly shoulder of ecofascists, you will sometimes be allowed to pamper yourself with a chicken. But do not roll your lips there, because the chicken is only twice a week and one hundred grams. So – you can’t really run away.

By the way, despite all the ideological hatred of ecofascists for cattle, for some reason cheese remains on the menu. But don’t be too happy either – 25 grams per week! It seems to me that in order to consume this amount of cheese, it will most likely have to be sniffed like cocaine.

But vegetarian food will be in abundance. Would you like to have some vegetable-based minced bolognese pasta? And if it tastes obscene, then console yourself with the fact that compared to real minced meat, you have reduced your carbon emissions by as much as 94 percent! But this is not for long, exactly until the ecofascists realize that wheat production is also not particularly environmentally friendly and will not replace it with some kind of synthetic filth.

It will be possible to travel. Well, in the sense of flying somewhere. To enjoy your one hundred grams of chicken and sniff another dose of cheese overlooking the sea. But – only once a year. No more. Travel in your city, or wherever you live there – only by public transport. The limit on the use of a personal electric car will be about five thousand kilometers per year. And if you think that with such delights of real life you will have an outlet in the form of virtual reality, you are very much mistaken. Because the Internet is also electricity consumption and it will be strictly metered, about two hours a day. No video games.

With clothes, you also have to be more modest – a pair of jeans a year, three shirts, that’s enough for you. And another berry for the cake – no coffee or beer. Forget it!

Brave new world, isn’t it? Of course, all this does not threaten our generations yet, but the outline of the “beautiful far away” is already there, and it is likely that our grandchildren will have to live in it. If, of course, the ecofascists succeed.

True, for some reason I doubt that those who are preparing such a happy future for the world will live exactly the same way – saving water for the shower and with a miserable piece of chicken on their plate. No, everything will be fine there – steaks, and swimming pools, and all the delights of life, including constant travel and all that jazz.

The climate on our planet has always changed. And he always gave people a lot of problems. But only man, throughout his history, did not struggle with nature, but adapted to the conditions that she provided to him. People have learned to live in the snow in the far north and in the hottest desert. People learned to live in conditions of flooding and drought, people have achieved a lot. And now they are being asked to take a huge step back. And this is just the beginning. Because all the same, it will not help, and then the question of reducing the population on our planet will arise.

The cuts are quick and radical. Because the main source of the “carbon footprint” is still a human being.

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