Weather disasters in Greece

In Patras, the ferry washed ashore as a result of weather disasters that broke out that night in Greece.

According to the OPEN channel, almost the entire coastal front was destroyed by strong winds that hit Patras. In Rio, the ferry washed ashore, and the services even had to tie it to trees to prevent it being carried out to sea, as the cables tied to the transport last night broke.

Currently, municipal vehicles are clearing the coastal road in Rio – a large amount of soil, stones, and fallen trees have taken out on the highway.

The picture is the same in Thessaloniki.

A large number of branches, algae and other objects were washed into the sea in the area of ​​the old city beach.

A squall wind combined with high waves filled the coastal area of ​​Thessaloniki, from the level of Freedom Square to the Red Cross, with dry branches and a variety of debris.

Images with branches that filled the entire sidewalk of the old coastal facade aroused the interest of passers-by, who immediately posted “the consequences of natural disasters” on the Internet. Cleaning teams from the central municipality were immediately mobilized to collect them and clear the embankment.

In this case, four trucks and 15 personnel were involved. “In the emerging emergency, we responded immediately. Weather cataclysms are a phenomenon that does not occur regularly, and we must deal with it as a cleaning service, ”Deputy Mayor Nikos Zeybekis told APE-MPE.

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