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8-year-old gypsy woman was fatally injured by the factory door (video)

An 8-year-old gypsy girl died tragically when her body was trapped by an electric door at a factory in the Piraeus suburb of Keratsini on Wednesday 17 November.

Serious questions arise due to the fact that the girl’s body was sandwiched between a wall and a metal door two times, while her body remained there for 2.5 hours until it was taken out, surveillance camera footage shows.

The girl’s family asks why their daughter’s body was crushed by the door several times, and raises questions if there was racist motives behind the workers’ indifference.

It seems that the girl died on the spot right after the door was closed for the first time. The autopsy is designed to establish the exact cause and time of death.

On Sunday, police arrested a 44-year-old factory worker who opened the door for “negligence” and the girl’s mother and grandmother for “neglecting a minor.” Both women were later released by order of the prosecutor’s office.

The factory is located 2 km from the girl’s house, state-run broadcaster ERT reported. A plant manager and a truck driver were also arrested and closed the door, crushing the child a second time.

Exclusive CCTV footage ANT1 TV :

The frames show that:

At 5:30 pm, a worker pressed a button to close the factory door and headed inside the warehouse, leaving the sliding door unattended. Seconds later, as the door slowly closes, an 8-year-old girl rushes into the factory. She stands in front of the door, and shortly before the door is completely closed, the child decides to leave the factory at 5:31 pm, but she fails as the door closes and grabs the girl. At 5:50 pm, the worker walks to the door where the child is locked, looks, but does not seem to understand what happened. At 17:52 the worker again walks past the door, it seems that he discovers the child’s body and returns to the building, picks up the phone, apparently to tell someone. At 5:54 pm, a second man appears to be walking by and talking on the phone. After a minute, someone opens a sliding door, freeing the child’s body. From 18:05 to 18:11 people walk past the girl’s body, doing nothing. At 18:31, a truck enters the factory through an open door, the driver closes the metal door again and she grabs the girl’s body a second time.

According to the workers, they thought it was a bag stuck at the door.

A shocking video obtained exclusively by MEGA TV shows a girl entering the factory at 5:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon and dying. Video edited not to show hard scenes.

According to ANT1, “The most inconceivable is that it took the people in charge 2.5 hours to figure out how the sliding door could be opened to free an 8-year-old girl!”

In statements to ERT, ANT1 and several other media outlets, the family’s lawyer wondered why those in charge did nothing to see what had been locked at the door for so long. ”

He added that he is awaiting the results of the autopsy and the conclusion of the police and prosecutors.

Several flowers and a candle near the factory where a little gypsy girl died.

On Monday morning, angry family members of an 8-year-old girl gathered outside the factory, and one of the gypsies tried to smash the gate by hitting it with the bumper of a car. Another threw coffee at a worker.

The family expressed their suspicion that someone was chasing the girl, and when she saw that the door was open, she went there.

The workers of the plant have their own opinion about what happened.

The editors know that gypsies from a nearby camp constantly raid the nearby homes of local residents, factories and warehouses. Because of this, there have been repeated incidents of violence, both by local residents and by the Roma. Therefore, with a high probability, the girl wanted to go to the territory of the factory in order to steal something.

No matter how cynical it may sound, now the family of the deceased girl will try to make full money on her child, having sued the factory owners for the maximum amount.

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