Kavala: an elderly woman gave 9000 euros to scammers

It all started with a phone call on November 13, when a stranger, posing as a doctor, told a resident of Kavala the terrible news – her daughter was in a car accident.

Fortunately, as it turned out, the daughter is still alive, but an urgent operation is required for salvation, which costs 9000 euros. Of course, the offender managed to persuade the agitated woman, because all her thoughts were about the injured daughter. She handed over the money kept at home to an unknown person and froze in anticipation of the news.

As you may have guessed, the money has “floated away” in an unknown direction, and the police authorities are preoccupied with finding criminals. The investigation is being conducted by the Kavala Security Directorate.

Our publication has repeatedly warned readers that the practice of fraudstersthat call by phone and inform that “your relative (son, grandson) is in trouble, and you need money to help him out” exist and are actively used in Greece. Scammers are constantly inventing new ways to get rich. For example, selling an item (product) online, a person may be faced with what the buyer allegedly wants at the moment. transfer money to him to the current account and asks for the card details. When the seller provides data (even without the pin code and secret number on the back of the card), the money still somehow incomprehensibly “leaves” from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account.

Please, be careful and vigilant, even when you receive bad news, try not to lose your composure and soberly assess the situation.

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