Woman shot at her ex-boyfriend

The public in the Halandri district is in shock: a citizen has been arrested and accused of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping of her daughter.

A 49-year-old woman fired shots at a famous ophthalmologist, right in front of her 14-year-old child, walking with his father. The man was reportedly seriously injured. The offender was detained and brought before the investigator after the initiation of a criminal case against her.

Course of events

The bloody incident took place in Halandri yesterday, Thursday 11 November. The woman seriously injured an ophthalmologist, from whom she had an illegitimate child, according to a police statement.

The ophthalmologist’s former concubine was near an apartment building in Halandri. At that moment, when the doctor was parking his car, she took a pistol out of her purse and fired at him. Then the woman ran to her underage daughter, making an attempt to pull her out of the car, but she began to scream and resist.

The Emergency Response Police (Team DI.AS) immediately rushed to the scene. The officers immobilized the criminal and took her to the appropriate department. During a search of the scene, a pistol was found at the entrance of an apartment building.

Two knives, a dagger in a case, two mobile phones, a deck of cards, etc.

The arrested woman was taken to the Athens Prosecutor’s Office. An investigation is underway. The ophthalmologist’s wife is in shock.

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