May 25, 2024

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USAFE F-15E lands safely in Larissa despite loss of cockpit canopy

A USAFE F-15E fighter was able to land safely at Larissa airbase in central Greece after an accident during a NATO exercise dubbed Operation Castle Ford.

According to Greek reports mass media, F-15E lost cockpit canopy over the uninhabited area of ​​Kozani in western Macedonia and requested permission for an emergency landing. No one was hurt during the incident on Wednesday.

An F-15E Strike Eagle of the 336th Fighter Squadron of the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina “lost my flashlight over a desolate area around lthtdyb Livadi,” said a spokesman for the United States Air Force Europe (USAFE), citing edition Kathimerini

“The plane landed safely at Larissa airbase in Greece, and no one was hurt. The incident was reported to the Greek Air Force and is currently under investigation, ”the statement said.

“F-15E Strike Eagles are currently operating from Larissa AFB in support of Castle Forge, the leading US Air Force flexible exercise exercise in Europe and Africa that brings together allies and NATO components to demonstrate a credible presence in the Black Sea region. “, – said the official.

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