Police chaos in Exarchia captured on video

Tensions reigned in the Exarchia area yesterday, during and after the anti-authoritarian march in central Athens.

Approximately 150 people gathered in Propylaea to protest the call for some of them to donate genetic material in the context of the investigation into the NTUAB rector. At one point, a group of several young men attacked police officers with fire extinguishers and other items. In response, law enforcement officers used chemical agents.

As a result of the incidents, five police officers were injured and six protesters were detained. And today a video with the participation of a policeman is walking on the network, which caused a violent reaction among users. Events unfolded after all the protesters were dispersed.

The video clearly shows how the police officer MAT tries to open the door of the store, while the people inside do not allow him to enter. Then see for yourself. And notice how the police officer preliminarily looks around to see if there are any unwanted witnesses to his actions …

According to police sources, the incident is being investigated by the Ministry of Civil Protection.

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