In Thessaloniki, a MAT fighter threw a stun grenade at a student (video)

A member of the ΜΑΤ Special Forces Police Force threw a stun grenade at a student who was taking part in a protest near the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. For more than a month university students actively protest against the introduction of police protection on the territory of universities. During another protest on Thursday, a […]

Protest action of the KKE and KMG organizations at the gates of the military unit, where American armored vehicles arrived

Saturday 12 March KPG and KMG held a protest at the gate military unit near Xanthi in northern Greece, where American armored vehicles arrived to conduct joint exercises with the Greek army. The demonstrators who gathered there held banners and chanted slogans, condemning the involvement of Greece in the imperialist war in Ukraine and demanding […]

Entrepreneurs in Patras turned off the lights and took to the streets

In Patras and other towns in the Peloponnese, catering entrepreneurs turned off the lights on Wednesday evening and marched through the streets with candles to protest exorbitant electricity bills. Holding signs reading “Electricity is killing us” and shouting slogans, they marched with the support of their fellow entrepreneurs and local residents. The protesters demanded from […]

Protests in Canada may be fueled by Russian actors

Canadian truckers organized a massive protest with heavy trucks “storming” the capital, blocking the streets and calling for Trudeau’s resignation. Canadian liberal media have already found a “Russian trace”. Canada in the current crisis with Russia is supporting Ukraine, and I don’t know how far-fetched that is,” TV presenter Koksal told Canadian Public Safety Minister […]

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