ATO veteran detained in Greece

The ATO veteran who served in the Soviet army was detained in Greece at the request of Lithuania.

Alexander Radkevich is a participant in the anti-terrorist operation in Donbass. According to human rights activist Olga Reshetilova, coordinator of the contextual media initiative for human rights in Ukraine, a former participant in the hostilities in Donbass was convicted in absentia in a case related to the 1991 winter events in Vilnius.

According to the investigators, during the confrontation between the Soviet military and the citizens of Lithuania on January 11, 1991, Radkevich was appointed the driver-mechanic of the tank, which was at that time next to the Press House in Vilnius, i.e. at the scene of the unfolding events.

Reshetilova notes that the ATO veteran, who had previously served in the Soviet army, was accused of grave war crimes: prohibited methods of warfare, murder, and inhuman treatment. Moreover, only for the fact that at that time he was involved in the military operation of the Soviet Union in Lithuania.

But most importantly, the human rights activist notes, initially Radkevich participated in the investigation of the case as a witness, within the framework of Ukraine’s legal assistance to Lithuania on the events of that period. According to Reshetilova, together with Radkevich, at least 10 more Ukrainian citizens were convicted, who “ended up in the wrong place and at the wrong time.” That he was convicted, Radkevich found out only during his arrest.

In those distant days of January, 01/13/1991, paratroopers and Alpha fighters from the USSR stormed the TV center in Vilnius against the backdrop of Lithuania’s aspiration to secede from the union state. During the clashes, 14 people were killed and more than 600 were injured.

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