Unvaccinated workers: fines of up to € 600 per week for those who did not take the rapid test

Stricter measures are taking effect for unvaccinated private sector workers. Those who violate the obligation to conduct a rapid test 1-2 times a week face a fine of 150 to 600 euros (for some categories of personnel).

As follows from the joint ministerial decision, which was made yesterday, on Tuesday October 19, monitoring of the implementation and declaration of the rapid test results will be carried out electronically, and fines will be automatically imposed on violators. Violating employees face fines ranging from 300 to 600 euros.

In the private sector, the following are required to pass the express test at their own expense:

All workers who have not been vaccinated (14 days after the last or single dose) or have not had an illness who are working or undergoing training. Interns / apprentices / students of public or private educational structures and universities who undergo internship or practice in the context of the educational process in organizations. Beneficiaries of OAED social security programs who work in municipalities, regional services, etc.

Who does not need to take a rapid test:

employees who have been vaccinated and have a corresponding certificate who have had coronavirus within the last six months and who have a certificate of this.

It is noted that all employees are required to pass a rapid test weekly at their own expense, which they are required to do in private diagnostic laboratories, private clinics, pharmacies or private doctors.

Free rapid testing in government agencies can now be performed only by private sector workers who have proven medical reasons for refusing to be vaccinated.

Who needs to take two rapid tests per week:

Catering and hotel workers. Tourist business personnel. Employees of companies transporting people (excursion bus drivers, tour guides, etc.). Workers of television, cinemas, theaters, actors of musical performances (engaged in concert activities). Employees of private educational institutions (schools, training centers, courses ΚΕΚ, ΙΕΚ, tutoring schools, centers for the study of foreign languages, etc.). Medical personnel, persons exempted from the obligation to be vaccinated for health reasons.

How the checks will be carried out

The verification process and the imposition of fines will be carried out entirely electronically, without the need for the labor inspectorate to be present at the workplaces where the inspection takes place.

In particular, diagnostic centers are required to send the result electronically to the national register of patients with COVID-19 (IDIKA) within 24 hours.

The Ergani system of the Ministry of Labor interacts with the national patient register and the national vaccination register and thus forms the history of vaccinations and diagnostic tests.

Obligations of the employer
As for the employer, he is obliged to make a new responsible statement every week according to the tests carried out by his employees.

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