Who are vaccinated at risk of dying from covid?

Vaccination may be the only “weapon” against the coronavirus, but vaccinated people can still die from the virus. Who is at risk, it became known according to a new study.

Vaccination is the only way to fight coronavirus, but there is a small chance that vaccinated people could lose the fight against it.

A new study from Italy argues that it is highly unlikely that vaccinated people will die from the coronavirus unless they are very old or were seriously ill prior to COVID-19 infection. The study was conducted by the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) and is included in ISS’s regular COVID-19 death report.

The scientific study, which took place from February 1 to October 5 this year, examined the medical records of 671 people who died from COVID-19 and were not vaccinated, and 171 victims of the disease who were fully vaccinated.

In Italy, a total of 131,655 deaths from COVID-19 were recorded, and 38,096 deaths were “taken under the microscope” by scientists.

Of those who died, 33,620 were not vaccinated, 2,130 received only one dose or were infected shortly after vaccination, before developing antibodies, and 1440 were fully vaccinated. In particular, this report shows that the average age of people who died from the disease, despite being vaccinated, was 85 years old. On average, they had five major chronic diseases. The median age of death among those who were not vaccinated was 78 years, with four chronic diseases.

Among the vaccinated dead, whose disease maps were analyzed during the study, there were more deaths in patients with cardiovascular diseases, dementia and cancer.

Earlier this month, Italy reached its goal of fully vaccinating 80% of its population over 12, which the government said provides significant protection against the virus. Despite this, since October 15, the Italian government has made the green pass compulsory for all workers. The move sparked violent protests in several cities, including Rome.

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