A stone fell on the car while driving

The passengers of the car were lucky: this morning, in the middle of the Arakhova-Livadya highway, a large piece of rock fell on the hood of the car.

According to LamiaReport, two cars with two friendly couples heading from Athens on an excursion to Arachova suffered a landslide.

Suddenly, a large piece of stone fell from the cliff, which flew from a very great height. Most of it fell on the hood of the first car, and in others, stones broke the windshield and windows.

And all this happened at a time when the cars were moving normally on the road! It’s just a miracle that no one was hurt.

The fire department notified the police and an OTA vehicle removed the remaining fragments of the landslide from the road.

By the decision of the Civil Protection Service, the particular road was closed as “dangerous”.

Experts believe that the landslide occurred due to the cyclone “Ballos”, during which 75 million tons of precipitation fell simultaneously in three regions over two bottoms.

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