May 18, 2024

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Kozani: major overnight police operation in the ammunition depot area in Kapnohori

The alarm for the Greek police sounded at 23:30 on Friday night. Shots rang out near army warehouses, and a fire was reported.

At the scene, in and around the military camp, there are employees of DIAS, OPKE, the Security Service and other police and military forces, reports

Access outside and around the camp is strictly prohibited. Until 2:30 this night, there were policemen inside it. At the same time, there are no reports of arrests or extraditions yet. Active operations are expected to resume after dawn.

The kozanimedia reporter was unable to get closer. What exactly happened, and what the large operation of the police and military forces of Kapnohori (Kozani) was connected with, is still unknown. If any data appears, the information will be supplemented.

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