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Shock: they kept their son on a chain in the courtyard of the house

The shocking news that a married couple from Volos kept their 55-year-old son on a 15-meter chain in the courtyard of the house, which does not fit into my head, because he is aggressive, can harm other people and the mentally ill, causes horror and shudder.

The man with psychological problems lived in a shack and used a toilet outside. He entered the house only in bad weather. The case was tried in the Volos Criminal Court, where his elderly Roma parents were put on trial as accused of unlawful detention for a long time.

The judges were surprised to learn the circumstances of the middle-aged man’s case and sentenced the victim’s parents, 75 and 79 years old, to 3 years in prison with a suspended sentence and a fine. If they do not pay it, they will serve an additional sentence (10 months), writes magnesianews.

After being caught red-handed (Autoforos), the man’s parents applied to the prosecutor’s office for the involuntary hospitalization of their son, and a legal aid process was initiated, in which social services will investigate the living conditions of a middle-aged man.

Testimonies of parents and relatives of a man who lived as a “yard dog”
In their testimony, the son-in-law and nephew of the family emphasized that the accused took care of their son, but after a car accident that happened to him a year and a half ago, as a result of which he injured his leg and arm, his mental state deteriorated. His wife left him long ago, leaving him with 4 children.

Describing the man’s behavior, his relatives said that he takes drugs, drinks a lot of alcohol, and also often shows aggressive behavior towards children and adults. The elderly mother claimed that in the past he was taken to the clinic for treatment, and that his children had grown up and were already married. At the same time, the father did not participate in the process in any way (he was not present at the wedding and hardly understands what is at stake).

The grandparents themselves cite financial difficulties, noting that their son receives an allowance of 300 euros per month. At the trial, the “hostage” said that “he lives in a shack located in the courtyard of the house, and there is a toilet. He walks on a chain 15 meters long. But when it gets cold, he asks to go into the house and they let him in.”

The accused, the man’s father, explained that he was “bathing and changing his clothes,” but admitted that his son was tied up in the courtyard of their house with a chain.

Defense lawyer Konstantinos Gusis noted that the parents stressed that their child is mentally ill and has serious problems with alcohol. “Taking care of a 50-year-old child, the parents, in my opinion, mistakenly thought that the solution they had to give was to tie him with a chain in the last days in their yard, so as not to cause problems to others,” he noted. attorney. “This behavior is criminal, they admitted their mistake and apologized, and I hope that today’s trial will become an occasion for social services to become more interested in the problems of those in need,” the lawyer said.

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