June 14, 2024

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Shooting in the center of Athens: policeman and criminal wounded

On Friday, shortly before 9 am, a dangerous incident occurred in the center of Athens when the police tried to stop a passing car on Marnis Street, as it approached the orientation as if it had been stolen.

However, the driver not only did not stop at the request of the police, but swerved and rammed the motorcycle of the police from the DIAS team. In response, the police opened fire on the criminal in front of dozens of passers-by.

The policeman, who was sitting on a rammed motorcycle, twisted and fell on the hood of a nearby car, receiving minor injuries to his arms and legs. At this time, the offender sharply pressed the gas and tried to escape from the scene of the incident. He did not succeed, as the police were not taken aback and immediately opened fire on the fugitive, wounding the driver, after which he stopped.

According to the OPEN TV channel, the car, at which the police opened fire, stopped just a few meters later. It is known that one of the bullets wounded a 35-year-old man in the leg. After he was arrested, the perpetrator was sent by ambulance and taken to Gennimatas Hospital.

The driver of the car, an Albanian by birth, was convicted in the past in cases of theft and drugs.

The prosecutor’s office has opened a case on the assault on a police officer, causing damage to his health, and investigators are looking into the reasons why the 35-year-old Albanian did not want to stop. Most likely, this time he will not receive a “suspended” sentence, as thieves and drug dealers are usually condemned in Greece, but a full-fledged sentence.

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