Will terrorists get to Europe

Many argue that terrorists will invade Europe disguised as Afghan refugees. Strongly disagree with this Alessandro Monsutti, professor of anthropology and sociology at the Geneva Center for Humanitarian Research.

He claims that terrorists can indeed undergo ammunition training in Afghanistan, but most of them are based in Europe, he quotes the RIA Novosti professor:

“Terrorists move in completely different ways from refugees. They have more options, more resources and usually have the right passport. It is not Afghanistan or Afghan society that creates terrorists, but the West. “

The sociologist explains that the Afghan refugees were first placed in third countries, subjecting them to comprehensive checks. This is far from the most reliable way for terrorists to get into Europe, so they use other routes for this.

NBC previously reported that the US authorities conducted additional checks on approximately 10,000 Afghans who were evacuated to the United States, about 100 of them are suspected of having links with terrorist groups. A thorough investigation revealed possible links between Afghan citizens and the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

Earlier, Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, expressed concern about the possible penetration of terrorists from Afghanistan into other countries. However, about a thousand Afghan citizens have already got permission to enter Russia, thanks to an appeal to the authorities of the Afghan diaspora. Ghulam Mohammad Jalal, President of the Center for Diasporas of Afghanistan in the Russian Federation, said that thousands of Afghan citizens expressed their desire to come to Russia, but only people of certain categories received permission.

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