Some "Russian National Republican Army" claimed responsibility for the murder of A. Dugin’s daughter

The previously unknown “National Republican Army of Russia” claimed responsibility for the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter. Probably, we are talking about organizing a diversionary maneuver in order to remove responsibility from the West and Ukraine for the death of Daria Dugina. Everything points to the fact that Alexander Dugin himself was the target of […]

The American Conservative: "Is Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism?"

The American Conservative published an article that questioned the practice of declaring countries sponsors of terrorism, pointing out that, according to existing criteria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and the United States itself, which actively sponsor terrorist organizations around the world, can be included in this list. . Kyiv remains afloat, thanks to the abundant assistance […]

Anadolu: “Greece is the main safe haven for FETO terrorists”

Turkish Anadolu news agency notes that Athens once again rejected Ankara’s extradition request for “eight coup plotters” who fled to Greece in 2016. Since July 15, 2016, about 20,000 Turkish citizens, most of whom are FETO* members, have entered Greece through the Aegean islands or across the border at Evros, according to the Turkish agency […]

Will terrorists get to Europe

Many argue that terrorists will invade Europe disguised as Afghan refugees. Strongly disagree with this Alessandro Monsutti, professor of anthropology and sociology at the Geneva Center for Humanitarian Research. He claims that terrorists can indeed undergo ammunition training in Afghanistan, but most of them are based in Europe, he quotes the RIA Novosti professor: “Terrorists […]