Europe through the eyes of an American publicist – the decline of Europe is already close

The American politician Patrick Buchanan, reflecting in an article for The American Conservative, said about the “decline” of Europe and that the future belongs to Asia.

In his opinion, several factors contributed to the reorientation of the United States towards the Asia-Pacific region. Firstly, it is in Asia that the following are located:

the largest world economies after the USA are Japan and China; 6 out of 9 nuclear powers; most populous countries.

Secondly, Buckenen notes, many problems have accumulated in Europe by now. The UK’s withdrawal from the EU and its AUKUS alliance with Australia and the United States confirm the country’s distance from European countries. Outraged by the failure of the submarine deal, France distanced itself from its NATO allies. The elections in Germany are also troubling.

The CDU party won only a quarter of the popular vote in Germany, for the first time in history. And, according to the expert, none of the potential chancellors can compare with Angela Merkel, “the de facto leader of Europe,” without having sufficient and comparable authority.

Among the European problems, Patrick Buchanan also noted domestic political disputes: Scotland wants to secede from Great Britain, Catalonia from Spain, Sardinia is not averse to becoming independent and seceding from Italy. Hungary and Poland are in a protracted conflict with Brussels over reforms, and the southern countries are suffering from an influx of migrants.

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