Erdogan’s secret plan for Albania

In recent months, meetings and mutual visits between the governments of Turkey and Albania have become more frequent. In Greece, for which these countries are historical opponents, they fear this rapprochement.

The essence of the diplomatic fever in bilateral relations between the two countries was not understood by our strategic allies, as well as by the world media, which raised many questions about the western orientation of Albania on the one hand and about close relations with a regime similar to that of Erdogan, on the other, writes the Kosovar website gazetaexpress …

As a result of this “love”, a plethora of health and safety proposals were advertised in June, and the cherry on the cake is said to be an 8 million euro contract to buy some Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs BAYRAKTAR SIHA) from Albania – adds the author of the publication in his article. Rama (left) and Erdogan on a cruise in Marmaris

However, according to diplomatic reports, the problem of a sudden intensification of relations between the governments of Turkey and Albania is associated with Erdogan’s direct interest in the region, the implementation of which could cause many headaches for the Albanians, and ultimately for the Greeks.

What’s hidden under the carpet?

Sources say Erdogan’s government has asked Albania to permanently house Muslim Brotherhood leaders who fled Egypt following the overthrow of President Morsi in the summer of 2013.

Turkey and Qatar are recognized as the main supporters of the Islamic religious, political and social movement “Muslim Brotherhood” in the world, whose leaders, after their overthrow in Egypt, turned to their patron – Turkey.

Erdogan’s government is waging an open war with the new government of Egypt precisely because of the Muslim Brotherhood. For its part, the Egyptian authorities accuse Turkey of supporting terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood and interfering in their internal affairs.

A still from the last meeting of the two leaders at the presidential palace in Ankara (photo

Eight years have passed since then, the geopolitical balance has changed, and now Turkey seeks to normalize its relations with Egypt, while the latter has put forward as a condition the surrender of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Golden mean

Muslim Brotherhood leaders are accused of killing thousands of Egyptians during the 2013 protests in Egypt, where they are demanding their extradition to the country for trial, but Turkey has so far ignored the calls.

The surrender of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the Egyptian authorities will refute the rhetoric of several years of Turkish leaders, who until now have been presented to the Islamic world as protectors of believers.

Such actions will also displease a large percentage of the voters of President Erdogan’s Islamic Party (AKP). Therefore, he must find a solution that, on the one hand, does not bother his voters, and on the other hand, will allow him to avoid the pressure of Egypt.

Sources indicate that Turkey originally asked Kosovo to place Muslim Brotherhood leaders as a solution for President Erdogan to tell Egyptian authorities that “those you are looking for are no longer in Turkey.”

Albania-Turkey roadmap for a high tech center on the outskirts of Tirana (photo

However, due to the internal nature of Kosovo and the danger posed by these individuals, given their problematic relationship with security and the rule of law, Pristina refused, forcing Turkey to turn its gaze to Tirana.

The Albanian government must now decide whether to accept President Erdogan’s request to participate in his geopolitical negotiations, turning the country into a haven for Islamist leaders around the world.

While the public discourse is completely different, the Albanians risk being used “like a lamb to the slaughter” this time in the service of the Turkish leader’s political interests.

In other words, they risk becoming a real “dump” where every powerful person throws away their waste after using it and no longer needs it, the message says.

Moreover, all this is on the border of Greece, a country where, due to the mass of migrants and refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, infected with ISIS ideas, the situation is already quite complicated.


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