Stole cars and dismantled them for parts

After many months of investigation, the Chalkida Police Department uncovered 11 cases of car theft, thus eliminating a well-organized criminal group.

The case was brought against two people, because, as it turned out as a result of the investigation, they stole cars from Attica and drove them to the Chalkida area, where they were dismantled for the subsequent sale of spare parts.

At the moment, a case has been initiated against 2 citizens, and, according to estimates, their actions began in 2016. In the course of operational actions, a large number of spare parts and two stolen cars were found in one of the two alleged criminals.

According to the police report, another citizen is involved in the case, as it was revealed after the investigation that he was the owner of one of the stolen cars, having falsely declared his theft in order to receive insurance compensation in the amount of 15,000 euros.

Currently, the law enforcement agencies of Chalkida are continuing their investigation to check the involvement of others in these crimes.

How to steal a car in seconds
In recent years, despite the constant development of technology by car manufacturers, similar steps are being taken by thieves, who are constantly improving their “criminal skill”, find ways to turn off any alarm and steal a vehicle.

In the following videos, you can see how easily and in a very short time cars are stolen using special devices that simulate a car’s smart key.

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