Thriller on a Russian street

Impassive CCTV cameras recorded how an elderly woman in one of the Russian cities was able to defend her bag in a battle with a young robber. This is amazing!

A woman of about 70 years old was slowly walking along the deserted street at that moment, holding a shopping bag in her hands. It is difficult to say how the old woman’s accessory attracted the attention of the young guy, but at some point he jumped up to the woman from behind and tried to grab it. But it was not there!

The woman firmly grabbed her bag, not letting her go even after the fall, and the criminal, still trying to take possession of the prey that eluded him, dragged her along the sidewalk. After a stranger rushed to the rescue, the 22-year-old retreated with nothing. A little later, he was detained and brought to trial.

In his defense, the young man says that his friends, with whom he walked down the street, knocked him out of the attempted robbery. He claims that he regrets what happened and even bought a bottle of whiskey (!) In the supermarket to return and apologize to the injured woman. He emphasizes that, in the end result, he never took anything. Of course, because the brave old woman simply did not allow him to do this …

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