September 22, 2023

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ENFIA: 1,500,000 homeowners will be eligible for a 50% discount

From Monday, Greek taxpayers will receive a notification in the TAXIS system about the ENFIA amounts charged to them.

Going to the of the Independent State Revenue Service, you can see the new data and scales, and according to the tax authority AADE, many owners will be eligible for the discount this year.

Reportedly, the 1st installment must be made by September 30th or a combination of the 1st and 2nd installments together by 29/10 without penalty. The sixth and final installment is due in February 2022.

ENFIA is reduced by 50% for 1,500,000 owners.


Income for a single person – up to 9000 euros. For a family without children – up to 10,000 euros. Family with 1 child – up to 11,000 euros. With two children – up to 12,000. Building area up to 150 sq.m.

Objective property value

Single up to 85,000 euros. Married without children or single parent – up to 150,000 euros. Married with 2 children – up to 200,000 euros.

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