4-year-old toddler from Texas fell victim to COVID-19 from her mother

After the death of her 4-year-old daughter, Kali Cook, the mother admits that she desperately regrets her negative attitude towards the coronavirus vaccination.

New york post writes about little Cali Cook, who died in her sleep, at her home in Buckliff, on Tuesday. 5 hours after the first signs of the disease appeared – fever. She has confirmed the coronavirus. Speaking to Houston Chronicle reporters, Carra Harwood, the girl’s mother, says:

“Kali was fine and then she left. It happened so quickly … “.

Shortly before that, Harwood and her fiancé William Tucker had tested positive for coronavirus and did not go to work while in quarantine at home. Devastated by her daughter’s death, the mother tells the Daily News:

“I tried to stay away from her and other children, I didn’t want her brother and 5-month-old sister to get infected with it.”

The woman regrets that she opposed vaccination:

“I was one of those who were against, I was against. Now I wish I had never been like this. “

According to Johns Hopkins University, the vaccination rate in Texas is just over 50%. In Galveston County, Cali became the first child to die of COVID-19 in the entire pandemic. According to local health authorities, there have been 470 deaths and 50,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Philip Keizer, their spokesman, tells the Daily News:

“It’s a terrible thing, but I think people should know about it. It is very important, if your children are sick, not to say, “Oh, they will be fine.” If your children are sick, seek medical attention. “

Only recently, Kali started attending the kindergarten preparatory group. However, according to official records, contact tracing did not establish communication with anyone other than her parents.

The network organized a fundraiser to help the family, the amount of which instantly reached 20 thousand dollars. In the comments, users sympathizing with grief write:

“Her heart was too pure for this cruel world, and God decided that he needed another beautiful angel by his side.”

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