Afghan prostitutes’ lives in jeopardy – Taliban hunt them down

Having come to power, the Taliban declared that they were ready to recognize the rights of women, but only on the basis of their own interpretation of Islamic law and Sharia. In the meantime, they are actively studying porn sites in order to find prostitutes and publicly punish them.

The Sun, referring to sources in the security service, talks about a real Taliban hunt for women who provided intimate services to perpetrate reprisals against them. They are in real danger in the form of public death or public humiliation.

The Taliban are especially furious with women who provided services to Europeans. In the list of punishments that are being prepared for them – “behead, stoned or hanged.” The details of Afghan prostitutes were found by the Taliban on niche porn sites and sparked anger. Under the new regime, they are threatened with the most severe repression, up to and including death. A source from The Sun says:

“The Taliban are showing the height of hypocrisy in this horrific witch hunt. Because the videos show clear indications of the location of the brothels, these women are now in grave danger of being kidnapped or killed in the most horrific ways imaginable. ”

In Afghanistan, the provision of sexual services is not considered a legal activity, but the number of prostitutes was impressive – many families lived on the income derived from it. Back in June, human rights organizations drew attention to this fact, reporting that there were “hundreds” of sex workers in the Afghan capital.

But the attitude of the Taliban towards all other women can hardly be called even bearable. According to UN human rights activists, the situation with their rights is extremely difficult. Women are beaten in the street, kidnapped, and forbidden to go to school. Since August 25, the Taliban, hypocritically hiding behind concern for the weak sex, have banned women from leaving their homes, explaining that this is dangerous to their life, health and freedom.

Suheil Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman, previously asked the US not to even try to change the cultural fabric of Afghanistan. He noted that their statements about the need to provide access to education to women without a hijab is an attempt to change Afghan culture.

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