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My light, vesiki, tell me, but report the whole truth: how to weigh yourself correctly

The most common mistakes you make every time you weigh yourself.

For many, the scale is their biggest nightmare, especially at a time when most of us are returning from vacation. The weighing process is identified with the ascent to the “guillotine”, since the fear of the final result (adding hated kilograms) leads to depression, killing the desire to live (well, or at least to seal your mouth).

With a little courage, you can take the plunge, step on the scale and face the truth. However, when weighing yourself, be careful not to make some common mistakes that most people make.

1. Weighing in after training

Do you know that one liter of water corresponds to one kilogram of your weight? When you exercise, your body loses a lot of water in the form of sweat. Therefore, if you weigh yourself immediately after training, the result will not correspond to reality. Do not make the mistake of jumping for joy that allegedly for 1 trip to the gym you lost 2 kg at once! Because, having weighed in the next morning, you will see all the same +2 kg and, probably, you will be upset.

2. Measurement on someone else’s scales

There is one rule you must remember if you want to measure your weight. You must weigh yourself on the same scale every time! If you weigh yourself on a friend’s scales, you may see a different result.

3. Measurement of weight at different times of the day

This is the second most important rule. You should measure yourself not only on the same (preferably home) scales, having the same scale, but also at the same time of the day. Never weigh yourself after eating or drinking. Try to measure your weight right after waking up in the morning, on an empty stomach, after using the restroom.

4. Weighing dressed (with shoes and clothes)

For more accurate results, try to weigh yourself only in your underwear.

5. Weighing on a scale on the carpet

It used to be considered an urban myth. However, studies have shown that if you put the scale on a carpet, you weigh more. Place the balance on a hard surface such as a tile for more accurate results.

6. Weighing on certain days of the month

This only applies to women. During the menstrual cycle, women tend to weigh more – due to water retention in the body on certain days. Pay attention to this. You weigh more before your period than right after your period.

7. Libra obsession

It is recommended to weigh yourself once a week, every 10 days, or every other day. Your habit of measuring your weight every day will not change anything in your weight. On the contrary, it will make you anxious and become an obsession. And, as you know, stress and the hormone cortisol produced at the same time can “add” kilograms, especially in the abdomen.

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