February 21, 2024

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Japan: deadly “bonuses” in ampoules with Moderna vaccine

For the second time in Japan, foreign impurities have been found in a batch of Moderna, a vaccine against the coronavirus produced by an American company.

During vaccination on August 28 in the Japanese city of Naha, incomprehensible impurities of black matter were found in one ampoule and 2 syringes, and foreign additives of pink color were found in another syringe, TASS reports, citing Okinawa Prefecture. The particle size reaches several millimeters.

From this batch, brought from Spain, doctors managed to administer vaccines to 400 citizens. At the same time, it is reported that visually the preparations in the syringes were clean, according to doctors. After the vaccinations, not a single person complained about the state of health.

Due to the incident, vaccinations at a vaccination center in Okinawa have been suspended. Previously, impurities were found in three other batches. However, the batch number of this vaccine is different from the previous ones, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan has suspended their use.

Previously, two young men, under the age of 30, died after being vaccinated with Moderna in Japan. A few days before his death, he was given a second dose of vaccine from the batch, where foreign impurities were later found. The exact cause of their death has not yet been named, an investigation is underway.

8 vaccination centers located in 5 prefectures of the country complained about the quality of the drugs. Approximately 1.63 million doses have been suspended. In addition to Modern, in Japan, the preparations of the AstraZeneca company and the consortium of Pfizer and BioNTech companies are used for vaccination.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, which distributes vaccines in Japan, says it has asked Moderna to identify foreign substances and explain why the vials were contaminated.

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