Professor of Pharmacology: “I am afraid that schools will open and close”

Evangelos Manolopoulos, professor of pharmacology, gave his opinion on the vaccination of teachers and children on SKAI.

He believes that it is necessary to vaccinate children, since only this condition can ensure the normal process of education. Otherwise, the professor said, he fears that “schools will be open and closed.” Mr. Manolopoulos hopes that parents will stop doubting and vaccinate their children who are attending high school.

The professor expressed his point of view about the vaccination of teachers. He believes that unvaccinated teachers should be banned from entering classes:

“Apart from health, I think it is wrong from an educational point of view. People who are either opposed to vaccinations or are afraid will walk in (into the classroom) and ask the students, “Why didn’t you get the vaccine?” To preach against vaccination, or to cause fear in the children whom we are trying to teach at home to think rationally and correctly. “

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