Europe’s military helplessness

After the events in Afghanistan, Germany recognized that Europe is dependent and helpless in the field of defense, accustomed to relying only on the United States, writes German journalist Daniel Bressler in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Bressler draws attention to how Europe’s apparent helplessness was clearly observed during the evacuation from Kabul airport:

“None of the NATO members would have taken a step without the instructions of the States. It became clear that the wishes of Germany, France and Great Britain are of secondary importance in the framework of the withdrawal of troops.

The author emphasizes that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, even during the 2017 election campaign, vainly urged the leaders of European states to take on greater responsibility for ensuring the security of their countries. But, writes Bressler, since then “nothing has changed.” If the United States “stops dealing with” European states, it will put them at serious risk.

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