Former Foreign Ministry official: “Greece will suffer from refugees”

Former Foreign Ministry spokesman Sarah Sarazhenkhank (Σαράχ Σαράτζενχανκ) is confident: “Greece will suffer from refugees. The Taliban rule will not last long – a terrorist attack like September 11 is possible. “

The ex-diplomat predicts, Mega and Eleftheria Davatzi report, that the situation in Greece will be quite difficult due to the large flow of Afghan refugees after the Taliban seized power in their country:

“Greece will suffer. It is very easy for them to get to Greece from Turkey. Greece will be the first country on their way to seek refuge because it is a European country. There will be a big wave of immigrants in Europe. All people will be trapped in Greece, and yes, Greece will suffer from refugees. “

In his opinion, something bad was expected in Afghanistan:

“The President of the country was the only person who wanted to control everything. This man did not trust the army, the police, he did not trust anyone. We knew something bad was going to happen. “

Sarazhenkhank is now in India, where he found himself literally a few hours before the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul. According to him, the US military left without warning, “generously” leaving their bases at the mercy of the Taliban:

“There was no transfer of power. The largest airport, the largest American military bases that our forces did not know about. They left them at 3 am, and our forces discovered it the next day at 8 am. “

Sarazhenkhank believes that the Taliban will not last long. However, it is possible that the country will come to a civil war, as well as the fact that it will face a terrorist attack similar to that of September 11:

“This is bad not only for Afghanistan, it is bad for the whole world. The same thing that happened on September 11, if the world and European countries cannot control the Taliban, will happen again. Do you see all the people who want to leave the country? The same thing happened in 1996 when the Taliban invaded the country. ”

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