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Bad weather and tornado in the coming hours in Greece

Well-known meteorologist Clearhos Marousakis warned of dangerous weather cataclysms that are expected in the next few hours in Greece.

According to the expert in his post on the well-known social network, it is expected that in the coming hours the weather will significantly worsen in western Greece, where there will be strong storms that can create problems.

According to him, “the front of the bad weather has already formed and is coming to the north-west of the country. Thus, in the next few hours, violent storms will hit the northern Ionian Islands. In the afternoon the weather will move to the south and east, affecting the central Ionian Islands, Epirus, western Sterea, western and possibly northern Thessaly, and western-north-western Peloponnese. “

Weather events, “very likely, will be accompanied by hail and severe thunderstorms, the appearance of eddies and tornadoes cannot be ruled out.” However, the weather is expected to improve from noon on 27/08.

ΕΠΙΚΙΝΔΥΝΕΣ ΚΑΤΑΙΓΙΔΕΣ ΤΙΣ ΕΠΟΜΕΝΕΣ ΩΡΕΣ Σημαντική επιδείνωση αναμένεται να παρουσιάσει ο καιρός τις επόμενες ώρες στη …

Posted by Klearhos Marousakis on Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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