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Expert opinion: masks in 2022

Chief US infectious disease specialist Fauci said: “We can wear masks in 2022.” And society will return to “significant normalization of the rhythm of life” only by the end of the year.

Anthony Fauci said that it is possible that Americans will have to wear a mask in 2022 to protect themselves from the coronavirus, while the death toll in the US is approaching 500,000.

To date, the United States has reported 498,384 coronavirus deaths and 28,114,570 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. This is by far the worst blow to the country since the pandemic. According to Johns Hopkins University, India is in second place in terms of incidence (10,991,651), and Brazil is in second place in terms of mortality (235,977).

On the occasion of Joe Biden’s announcement that the country will be closer to normal by the end of the year, CNN asked Anthony Fauci if he agreed with this point of view and if he thought the use of a mask would be necessary in 2022.

“I think that’s the way it is,” he said of masks in 2022, adding, “It depends on what we mean by the norm.”

“Obviously, we will have a significant degree of normalization of the rhythm of life this fall and winter. I agree with the president, it may not be exactly the same as in November 2019, but everything will be much better than now, ”the chief physician told Biden.

When asked why he believes the use of a mask will likely be necessary in 2022, he explained: “It depends on the dynamics of the spread of the virus in the community. I want this level to decrease to such an extent that there is practically no threat of contact with an infected person. If we combine vaccination against most viruses and a very low level of virus in the community, then we can say that the mask is not needed. “

However, Fauci stressed that if the rate returns to what it was a few months ago, with 20,000 cases per day, “it will be much better than before, but again very high. I want it to be much lower and the vast majority to be vaccinated. Then I will say with confidence that we do not need a mask. “

In other words, the chief infectious disease specialist of the United States, Anthony Fauci, called for vaccinations to stop the mutation of the virus. “There are unvaccinated people who say – I don’t care, I am young and healthy, and even if I get infected, it is statistically unlikely that the disease will be serious. It’s true. With one clarification. If you lived in a vacuum, it would be fine. However, , we all live in a society, “Fauci said. …

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