Live "fried egg" flooded the Thermaikos Gulf

Jellyfish, resembling fried eggs, appeared on the seashore in Thessaloniki, in the Thermaikos Gulf, near the White Tower.

As can be seen from the grtimes photographs, their shape and color resemble fried eggs, which have a very impressive size.

According to local media reports, many of the onlookers rushed to perpetuate the spectacle with their mobile phones, after which they searched the entire Internet, trying to determine what species these impressive jellyfish belong to.

What does the professor say about this ΑΠΘ
Professor of marine biology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (ΑΠΘ) Chariton Charles Hintiroglu spoke to grtimes and explained that it is a very common species of marine life called Cotylorhiza tuberculata. It turns out that this type of jellyfish has lived in the waters of our country for about 50 years, and now they have a breeding season and it is logical that the “eggs” were noticed by bathers.

Grtimes notes that those who see any jellyfish can take a picture of it and “upload” it to, indicating the type of jellyfish, the date they saw it, and the exact location. Thus, a special Google map is updated, and bathers at any time know where there are jellyfish (including dangerous ones). At the same time, the information helps researchers and biologists to better observe and study marine life.

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