Coronavirus leaves marks on nails

Changes in the nails may indicate a postponed coronavirus, experts say.

Experts say about five completely unexpected signs of COVID-19, which could, among other things, go unnoticed. The British edition of the Daily Mirror got acquainted with the conclusions of their research. As it turned out, many people who have had coronavirus have distinct horizontal lines on their nails. Also, depressions or reddish spots, shaped like crescents, may appear at the base of the nail plates. Another sign is orange nail tips or excessive brittleness.

Tim Spector, lead researcher on COVID-19 symptoms at King’s College London, has previously also indicated, as an indicator of previous illness, possible wide white lines in the center of the nails. In 2020, for example, Spector’s 47-year-old patient from Spain acquired the described symptom on his nails 45 days after testing positive for coronavirus.

Canadian doctors Joseph Lam and Saud Alobadia also recorded small horizontal grooves on the surface of the nail plates in coronavirus patients, their width was about 5 mm. According to experts, the first such symptom was found in a male patient over 45 years old.

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