On you, God, that we are worthless: Greece sent AstraZeneca vaccine to Ukraine

Greece has sent hundreds of thousands of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Kenya, Libya and (to) Ukraine, the civil protection ministry spokeswoman said on Twitter on August 18.

The assistance was provided within the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism. 180 thousand doses were sent to Kenya, 200 thousand doses to Libya, and 100 thousand doses to (to) Ukraine.

The Greek newspaper To Vima, in connection with this announcement, emphasized that experts say: it is more beneficial for humanity that all people receive two doses of the coronavirus vaccine than to introduce three doses only in the most developed countries.

We will remind, 200 thousand doses of the drug AstraZeneca were delivered to Libya on August 17. The Greek media associated the gift with the restoration of relations with Libya and, in particular, with the establishment in Benghazi of the Consulate General of Greece.

180,000 doses were sent to Kenya on August 6. The plans to send one hundred thousand doses of the vaccine to Ukraine were announced on August 11.

In addition, at the end of July, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that the country would send 150,000 doses to Jordan. It did not specify which vaccine and by which mechanism.

Recall that in Greece itself, recommendations for the use of the drug AstraZeneca revised several times due to reported side effects. In February, the vaccine was recommended before the age of 64, but in June, the Greek National Vaccination Committee said it should not be used for people under 60. And later, after numerous complaints and several deaths, her stopped using for vaccinations

Well, since the money has been paid, and the validity period has already expired, then you can pose as benefactors and send to the countries of the 4th world, to those who are ready to use the Indian clone of AstraZeneca covishield… Or, as the saying goes, “on you, O God, what is useless for us.”

It is worth noting that not only Greece is getting rid of AstraZeneca, but also Poland, which on August 18 sent to (to) Ukraine another 650 thousand doses of this vaccine.

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