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The policeman shot the dog

The incident in which a police officer shot and killed a pet, a dog, who was being walked by a woman without a leash and who attacked a law enforcement officer, was vigorously discussed in the media.

As in any similar case, the “case” has “2 sides of the coin”, that is, the way the pet’s owner tells, and something completely different from the policeman’s story.

Opinion of the owner of the dog named Odie

Ο Ody (Odysseus) δεν θα είναι ποτέ ξανά μαζί μας …. πυροβολήθηκε σήμερα το πρωί γύρω στις 11πμ από αστυνομικό της ομάδας …

Posted by Stav roula kyniska on Thursday, August 12, 2021

According to the owner of the dog, which was shot by a policeman in Galatsi after her attack on a law enforcement officer, this “speaks of a cold-blooded murder.” A policeman came to a call on a complaint from neighbors that a certain lady had two pit bulls on the roof of a residential high-rise building.

According to the Greek police, when the police arrived at the scene, a verbal skirmish took place between the applicant and the accused. At this moment, the dog, apparently sensing something was wrong, trying to protect his mistress, rushed at the policeman. As a result, he, instantly reacting, shot at the animal.

However, the dog’s owner claims in her Facebook post that the four-legged animal was shot “in cold blood” and that the police officer will “pay” for what he did.

The message of the owner of the killed dog about the incident: “Odi (Odysseus) will never be with us again! At about 11 am he was shot and killed by a police officer from the DIAS team. Everything will be cleared up, and the person guilty of this cold-blooded murder will pay for everything in full. “

On the evening of 12/08/21, another message was posted from the owner of the dog on Facebook: “We are at the police station, they want to sue me! We call on the police to come and help when we are threatened with domestic violence, when we are robbed, when we are threatened, and you do not come and protect us! And now you’ve come running to neighbors who don’t pay utility bills. And the result is murder! For no reason whatsoever, the cop pulled out his pistol and shot the dog, friendly wagging its tail! If this is the Greek police, then shame and shame on you! “

Police announcement

EL.AS comments on what happened in Galati, when a policeman shot a dog. Reportedly, “the police officer involved in the case received first aid due to a dog bite on his right thigh from behind.”

Greek law enforcement announcement: “Regarding the reporting on social media about the conditions that took place in the morning hours of 12-08-2021 in Galati, it is reported that the policeman was given first aid due to a dog bite on the back of his right thigh The victim was taken by ambulance to the main military hospital 401. The wound was cleaned, treated and bandaged.

The policeman, according to the doctor, was forcedly suspended from his work duties for the duration of the treatment.

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