USA: anti-vaccine man radically changed his views before dying

Dick Farrell, renowned American anti-vaccine radio host, has called on all his friends and followers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. His words were spoken just before his death – he died of the coronavirus.

West Palm Beach radio presenter and former host of the federal television network Newsmax, Farrell has long campaigned against vaccinations and criticized medical regulators, according to Florida-based WPTV. He emotionally characterized vaccinations as fraudulent, and called Anthony Fauci, the country’s chief infectious disease specialist, “a mad liar maddened by power.”

Dick Farrell argued that there are no covid carriers among Democrats, they never test positive for coronavirus. And all because the virus does not really exist, this is a fiction to fool Republicans. Politically aside, Farrell’s comments are no different from those of anti-vaccine users in other countries.

Farrell’s views, however, were reversed after he was admitted to the hospital three weeks ago with a diagnosis “which does not exist.” Faced with a one-on-one “invention”, the presenter called on all his friends, many of whom shared his views, to be vaccinated urgently. It is a pity that the insight came to him too late.

Lee Hare, a close friend of Farrell’s, posted on Facebook about his decision to get vaccinated after the host died: “Because of him I got the injection. He sent me an SMS and told me to get vaccinated. He told me the virus was no joke and added that and he himself should have been grafted. “

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