Symptoms of the post-lobe syndrome – which ones and for how long

Postcoid syndrome can include many symptoms associated with a previous infection, says Andrey Pozdnyakov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, in an interview with Izvestia on August 9.

The infectious disease doctor explained that viruses, damaging the epithelium of blood vessels, circulate through the blood and enter all organs and systems. Therefore, the consequences of infection can be many. Symptoms are most pronounced in those areas that have suffered the brunt of the infection. The doctor explains:

“Exacerbation of symptoms can appear according to the rule“ where it is thin, there it breaks ”. That is, if a person has already had some kind of chronic disease or condition, the risk that this condition or ailment will worsen after covid is much higher. Accordingly, the symptoms can be very different, ranging from unbearable headaches that last for several months; fatigue and sleep inversion disorders are all signs of damage to the central nervous system. “

Among the postcoid symptoms are lung problems due to incomplete recovery of the respiratory system and the nervous system that regulates breathing. Manifestations from the intestines, pancreas, and liver are also possible – all of them are characterized by painful sensations and are manifested by dysfunction of food digestion. The doctor pays attention to other possible problems:

“Anything: thrombotic manifestations, for example. A very common manifestation of postcoid syndrome is an exacerbation of chronic diseases of lororgan – nasopharynx and sinuses, exacerbation of sinusitis.

Earlier, Antonina Ploskireva, deputy director for clinical work of the FBSI TsNII, said that the symptoms of postcoid syndrome usually appear 4 weeks after COVID-19 and can last for several months. Especially if patients have suffered an asymptomatic coronavirus. Elderly people and women are more often susceptible to postcoid syndrome.

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