A group of unknown persons attacked the film crew of “Open TV”.

A group of unidentified 15 people attacked the film crew of the private television channel “Open TV” during the shooting from the scene of the fire. The police stood nearby and pretended that nothing had happened.

Το συνεργείο του #opentv δέχτηκε επίθεση. Η κατάσταση έχει ξεφύγει. Εκδηλώστε την οργή σας στα σωστά άτομα και ποτέ με βία! Είναι ντροπή αυτό το πράγμα! # Πυρκαγια pic.twitter.com/R884Kcx0jO

– Ωραιος Κοιμωμενος (@sleepygeor) August 6, 2021

During the filming of a report at the scene of the fire, unknown persons hit TV presenter Kostas Alatzas in the face, attacked the cameraman and stole his bag with personal belongings, and also pushed TV presenter Eleutheria Spiraki into the car.

Η Ελευθερία Σπυράκη στο #opentv μιλά για την επίθεση που δέχτηκε # πυρκαγια pic.twitter.com/Eni5WWjOf3

– Ωραιος Κοιμωμενος (@sleepygeor) August 6, 2021

“It was a group of 15 people. They started scolding us, threw our camera and attacked the cameraman and us, journalists. We got into the car and they started knocking on doors and windows. Nobody intervened. There were policemen opposite. And they didn’t interfere. There were four police officers. The criminals also stole the bag of our operator, and now he has no money to return to his house, ”said the journalist.

It is noted that the “crowd” of attackers were not some angry residents, but an organized group in black clothes with shaved heads. In appearance and manners, they are similar to the Greek extreme right. The film crew of “Open TV” managed to capture the face of one of the attackers.

Reportedthat representatives of New Democracy, SYRIZA and MeRA25 condemned the attack on journalists.

In this situation, the most surprising is the position of 4 police officers who stood nearby and did nothing.

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