Unidentified persons stole copper wires of refrigerators at the vaccination center

The Peristeri Vaccination Center sounded the alarm after unknown assailants cut wires from generators to refrigerators, jeopardizing 6,500 doses of vaccine stored in them.

According to information iefimerida.gr, a malfunction in the refrigerators was immediately noticed at the vaccination center and all procedures were started to move the vaccines to a safe place.

An inspection immediately began to identify the problem, and, to everyone’s surprise, it was discovered that unknown persons had cut the wires from the generators to the refrigerators. The authorities were informed and an investigation was launched. Copper wire was reportedly removed from the cut cables, raising suspicions that copper hunters were the culprit.

Photo of cut wires at the Peristeri vaccination center

Nevertheless, what happened was very strange, since, firstly, the generator was working, which means that the wires were energized, which is not typical for the work of “copper hunters”. Secondly, the criminals, and in Greece it is mainly Roma who are engaged in this, understood that in such a high-profile crime they would be hunted, and would not risk it.

Therefore, following the logic, these were most likely anti-vaccinators who in this way decided to create problems for the vaccination they hated and, possibly, declare themselves as a new radical force.

Or, as another option, it is a provocation on the part of the authorities, who, undoubtedly, would benefit from presenting the anti-virus as terrorists.

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