Canada: punishment for using your own sperm at a professional level

In Canada, the trial began against a doctor who for half a century fertilized patients with his sperm and became the father of at least 17 children.

Fertilization took place in secret, while the doctor used biomedicals and other people who in no way belonged to the partners of the patients who applied to the clinic. The criminal activities lasted for 50 years.

More than 200 female victims have already filed lawsuits in Ottawa, Canada against 82-year-old fertility specialist Norman Barwin, Ottawa-Citizen reported. It all started with the problems of 25-year-old Rebecca Dixon, as it turned out, the biological daughter of a doctor. One day she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, while no one in the girl’s family had such a disease.

In search of the cause of the ailment, Rebecca turned to a fertility specialist and asked him for a DNA sample from her parents, but was refused. Suspecting something was wrong, the girl told about her fears to Kat, the daughter of the patients of the same doctor. As it turned out, she had a similar diagnosis. Moreover, Ottawa-Citizen writes:

When Rebecca compared her DNA to Kat’s biomaterial, it turned out that the girls were half sisters.

Later, Rebecca convinced Norman to conduct a test that confirmed the doctor’s biological paternity for both girls. After that, Rebecca Dixon began to actively search for the patients of the reproductologist and initiated a class action lawsuit against him. Of the 226 victims, about a hundred made claims to the doctor, because they do not even know their biological fathers. As it turned out, 17 people are the biological children of a doctor; for the birth of the rest, the biological material was not used at all, which was indicated in the documents. The publication notes:

There may be more victims. With medical intervention, Barvin successfully gave birth to approximately 500 women.

Now the affected women are demanding financial compensation. In the event that the court satisfies their claims, the fertility specialist will have to pay approximately $ 10 million. If the parties agree, then the money to the victims can be paid by the Canadian Medical Protection Association – a non-profit society for mutual medical assistance.

Barvin began his medical career in the 1970s. At first he worked in a state clinic, then opened his own. In 1997, the doctor received the country’s highest civilian award – the Order of Canada.

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