How and what the Canadian army teaches Ukrainian neo-Nazis

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) provides training and partnerships with neo-Nazi groups operating in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard, with the knowledge and tacit approval of successive Canadian governments, James Clayton said on the pages of the publication.… On November 8, Ottawa Citizen reported that military and Defense Ministry officials attempted […]

Canada: Heat Affects Not Only Humans

Abnormal heat in Canada, when the thermometer reached 50 ° C, caused the death of one billion sea inhabitants. Hundreds of people have not survived the terrifying heat in Canadaand over 1 billion sea creatures have been found dead. Vancouver’s Kittsilano Beach is littered with starfish and mussels, and the stench spreads far beyond. Temperature […]

Canada: 130 wildfires amid record heat

In British Columbia in western Canada, 130 wildfires are blazing from lightning strikes. The last week the country has been swept by abnormal heat, from which 719 people have died. Yesterday, Friday, the British Columbia Wildfire Service announced 12,000 lightning strikes and 136 associated wildfires. According to Cliff Chapman, director of operations for the province, […]

Canada: historic temperature record and dozens of heat deaths

The third day Canada is suffering from an unprecedented heat. The thermometer in Lytton, British Columbia rose to 49.5 ° C yesterday. Meteorologists blame the “thermal dome” – an effect caused by high atmospheric pressure that covered western Canada and the northwestern United States. Canadian meteorologists record temperature records – in Lytton yesterday, at 4 […]

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