Canada plans to introduce a visa-free regime for Ukrainian refugees

The Ukrainian representative in Canada said that local authorities are considering the possibility of introducing a visa-free regime for refugees from the war. According to Andriy Bukich, Chargé d’Affaires of Ukraine in Canada, the Canadian government is considering the possibility of introducing a visa-free regime for Ukrainians, refugees from military operations. After speaking during the […]

“Freedom convoy” is not a struggle for freedom, it is an attempt to kill democracy

US Greek-funded Defend Democracy Press publishes material scientist and publicist Henry Giroux, who assures readers that the anti-vaccination convoys of freedom are in fact funded by anti-government forces and ultra-right ideologues in the United States. The Freedom Convoy movement, consisting of hundreds of trucks, closed the busiest border crossing between Canada and the United States […]

France follows in the footsteps of Canadian truckers

Protesters gathered in southern France on Wednesday as part of a so-called “freedom convoy” to reach Paris and Brussels, demanding the lifting of Covid-19-related restrictions. At least 200 protesters gathered in a car park in Nice, on France’s Mediterranean coast. Many of them are holding Canadian flags in support of truck drivers in Canada who […]

Protests in Canada may be fueled by Russian actors

Canadian truckers organized a massive protest with heavy trucks “storming” the capital, blocking the streets and calling for Trudeau’s resignation. Canadian liberal media have already found a “Russian trace”. Canada in the current crisis with Russia is supporting Ukraine, and I don’t know how far-fetched that is,” TV presenter Koksal told Canadian Public Safety Minister […]

How and what the Canadian army teaches Ukrainian neo-Nazis

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) provides training and partnerships with neo-Nazi groups operating in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard, with the knowledge and tacit approval of successive Canadian governments, James Clayton said on the pages of the publication.… On November 8, Ottawa Citizen reported that military and Defense Ministry officials attempted […]

Canada: Heat Affects Not Only Humans

Abnormal heat in Canada, when the thermometer reached 50 ° C, caused the death of one billion sea inhabitants. Hundreds of people have not survived the terrifying heat in Canadaand over 1 billion sea creatures have been found dead. Vancouver’s Kittsilano Beach is littered with starfish and mussels, and the stench spreads far beyond. Temperature […]

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